Bike Week!

22 May

Do you have an old bike in the garage that’s used more as space filler rather than an actual mean of transportation!? Well, it’s certainly time to brush off the dust and start getting that baby to use! May is National Bike Month and National Bike to Work Day was Friday, May 20th! Although it’s past National Bike to Work day, why not create your own Bike to Work Day? .. and what better way to welcome spring (and almost summer!) than to enjoy the scenic route and get some fresh air on the way to work? I live about 35 miles from work, so I think I’d heel over once I made it to work (if I even made it!), but I will certainly be taking a bike ride a few times a week when I get home from work! I received a pink, old fashion style bike for my 18th birthday and am completely in love with it. It is so chic and retro, that I feel so classy & chic riding it around town. Riding around on my bike allows me to clear my head, embrace the scenery, and an easy way to sneak in an extra hour of cardio!

xo – ff


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