Why Hello Gorgeous!

22 May

So I wanted to start a blog … why? I’ve been reading blogs for a while now –& have a collection of daily reads!– and absolutely adore reading others ideas, thoughts, and being inspired by others amazing talents. I created a blog to share my passion of crafting, fashion, baking, and all things frilly & fabulous. I’m so inspired every day by the blogs I read each morning and would love to give that sense of inspiration to other readers!

Wanna know more about me? Well, I am currently working in the marketing industry and truly love it!. I love any opportunity to be creative, and with a field as diverse as marketing, my creative cap is a must!

Let me back track a little … Before getting into marketing I attended a small, private college in central Virginia. I’m originally from the North –Connecticut to be exact- so going down South was certainly an experience … an incredible experience! The life style and culture is in the South is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Southern hospitality truly does exist!

Fashion has always been important to me. I started dressing myself when I was 5 years old and was certainly the most stylish kindergartener (maybe, I’m a little bias …). I owe my passion for fashion –rhyme time!- to my grandmother. Wearing the most breath taking outfits and dripping of gorgeous jewelry, my grandma is my fashion idol. Combining my grandmother’s sense of fashion and using other inspirations I see on TV and magazines have allowed me to create my own individual style (which I’m dying to share in my future posts with you!).

Crafting to me are like shoes to Carry Bradshaw … I’ll admit it, I’d rather buy a new cartridge for my Cricut machine than buy dinner –really, who needs food when you have the monogram cartridge!?-. Crafting at least once a week is essential to keep me sane. My itch for crafting began in kindergarten when I created my first macaroni necklace –that necklace was a BEAUTY!-. Ever since then, having glittered hair for days, dried paint on bizarre body parts, and always making an excuse to craft has become nothing less than normal to me.

Baking is my therapy. With all the love and compassion that goes into baking, it is truly my way of showing someone my appreciation and/or love for them (just ask my boyfriend, I think he’s entirely made of chocolate now from all the sweet treats I’ve made him over the 8 years we’ve been together!). In my opinion, sweets nourishes the soul and brings a bit of sweetness to people’s lives. The possibilities are endless in baking!

*photo from vintage rose garden

For me ,fashion equals joy, crafting equals bliss, and baking equals love!

xo — frillyfabulous

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