Sun-Kissed Summer

26 May

Ahh! Summer is finally close enough to touch –although it may not feel like it with all the rain in Connecticut lately-. For the most part, we have kept our skin hidden under our jeans and sweaters throughout the winter season and it is in desperate need of a rejuvenating pick me up! I like to wake up my skin from the winter blues by exfoliating with a sugar based sugar scrub –when I do not make my own, I love Bath & Body Works True Blue Need a Margarita!-. After years of abusing my skin by baking in the sun, I decided it wasn’t worth all the wrinkles and threat of cancer and decided on a new solution to acquire beautiful, glowing skin.

Don’t get me wrong …I still enjoy laying out in the sun, but rather than laying out every single day for 4+ hours a day, I decided it was perfectly acceptable to only lay out only on the weekends –and because I have to to be a grown up now and have a grown up job … I miss summer vacation!- and apply a sunless tan a few days a week. Now if you told 18 year old me about sunless tanners I’d think you were crazy and continue with my daily 4 hour sizzling in the sun regime –tan, apply wrinkle cream, repeat. Although very hesitant at first, I recently received a sunless tan .. I fell in love with the results!!! Why didn’t I try this sooner!? There was no orange, oompa loompa aftermath; instead, I had a glowing, radiant sun-kissed look! Since then, I’ve been applying Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner (in Medium/Dark) about once a week to maintain my color and to extend the life of my tan I apply Jergens Natural Glow (in medium/dark). I do admit though, these sunless tanners do not have the most desirable smell, so to solve that problem, I add in a fragrant lotion when applying the sunless tanner and wallah! No more yucky smell!

Take it from the sun goddess herself; sunless tans truly do give you incredible tanned skin without the rancid orange look! And without all the damage to your skin! Double win!

xo, sun-kissed frillyfabulous


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