Memorial Day*

29 May

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Simply put, I love holidays!! If you haven’t experienced it yet, you will soon … I am a crafting & baking nut for holidays. For every holiday –yup, every holiday– I put together a themed meal and turn my house into a festive wonderland. After spending the last 4 years away at school, holidays are very special to me because it always entails lots of family time! I come from a huge family, and with us all living close by, holidays are always a big event!

Unfortunately work kept be busy all week and didn’t allow for much Memorial Day crafting prep … believe me, I’m still sore about it. With not a lot of time to think of cute festive ideas, I resorted to one of my favorite ideas! Paper medallions!!

*Medallions hanging off my deck

These paper medallions are super easy to make and fill any space with the perfect amount of adornment. They’re wonderful for birthdays and other special occasions as well!

Directions (for one medallion)
-fold a piece of paper accordion style
-fold paper in half (while still folded as a fan) and staple
-repeat steps to create the other half to your medallion
-glue your folded pieces together and spear out to resemble a medallion

While most of us are enjoying our days off and cookouts, let’s not forget the real purpose for this holiday – the troops that are risking their lives to make our world a better place, as well as all those that have served and/or lost their lives in the past.
While it’s important that we celebrate Memorial Day, it’s more important to understand why we celebrate it …So this weekend, take moment in between munching on some yummy BBQ and soaking in the afternoon sun, and give a silent thank you to those who have allowed our country to have the freedom it has today. Thank you, Veterans!

*Don't they look like fireworks!?

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Check back tomorrow for delicious Memorial Day treats! Trust me, you’re gonna want these recipes!

xo, frillyfabulous


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