Holy Mother of Memorial Day Yumminess!

30 May

For patriotic holidays, I find myself always baking a tradition flag cake … and though I do love family traditions, I wanted to change it up a bit this year! This year I decided to create a recipe that would hopefully surprise my party guests’ –and their taste buds!– In my family, cupcakes are a staple. My sister and I are always concocting new cupcake recipes and with May being National Strawberry Month, I knew this recipe wasn’t something I could pass up! I stumbled across a recipe for cupcake stuffed strawberries and knew it would be a perfect patriotic dessert –I was drooling just looking at the pictures!-. I repeat: Cupcake. Stuffed. Strawberries. That’s right, delicious cupcakes stuffed into ripe, juicy strawberries. Holy Mother of Yumminess! My mind has officially been blown … yours will be too!

Check out 1 Fine Cookie for a complete step by step tutorial!

The best part about these festive treats was listening to people try to figure out how they are made … and now they know ;)

Thank you, Sweet Goddess (aka 1 Fine Cookie) for bringing this wonderful recipe my way!

She recommends eating them within a day … I don’t foresee that being a problem…

I made my strawberries with french vanilla cake, cream cheese frosting, and white chocolate cipping, but I can’t wait to try this delectable recipe with different flavors! How delicious does banana cake dipped in dark chocolate sound!? NOM NOM NOM!

xo, frillyfabulous


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