FrillyFabulous Favorites*

3 Jun

Citrus & I go together like peanut butter and chocolate, tea and crumpets, Carrie Bradshaw and shoes … okay, I’m sure you get the idea, I really love anything citrus. My boyfriend often complains that my meals are “too citrus-y” … sorry, boyfriend, but there’s no such thing as being too citrus-y in my book!. Although I enjoy all of the health benefits of eating citrus, I also have an infatuation with anything citrus scented, citrus colored, or even citrus patterned. With it being the first offical week of summer and the kick off to citrus season, I wanted to share some of my favorite citrus items!

Favorite Lotion: Pink Grapefruit Puree by The Body Shop This lotion moisturizes and softens your skin while leaving a cool, refreshing aroma.

Favorite Shirt: Calypso St Barths I love the sheer, blousey feel of this shirt

Favorite Sandal:Wetseal This super cute sandal is both classy and bold!

Favorite Accessory: Stella McCartney’s white cotton fold-over clutch with a multicolored citrus print will instantly energize a minimalist look. Carry it in your hand or by the gold shoulder strap to give a sleek white dress a fruity summer twist.

Favorite Dessert: Key Lime Pie This light and refreshing pie is the perfect ending to a summer night.

What is your favorite summer scent or flavor?



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