Backyard Adventurer!

4 Jun

*image from neveragainxo.tumlr

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to get outside and enjoy nature. Okay I know, I know … this is far from frilly … but it certainly is FABULOUS! When looking for a fun activity to do outside I always find myself flipping through the book Born to Explore by Richard Wiese. Born to Explore is packed with projects, outdoor survival skills, and essential knowledge of the outdoors to allow even the most nature-phobic individual to enjoy themselves. Some of my favorite projects from his book are the DIY hammock and the paper bag oven.

After a busy week at work, I love spending my weekends relaxing in my backyard on my DIY hammock!

Creating this floating piece of comfort is super easy and requires very few materials!

-Choose a fabric of your choice (4-5 yards of sturdy fabric)
-Choose the location where you’d like to relax
-Tie each end of the fabric with a piece of rope in a lark knot
-Tie each end of the fabric in a lark knot to a tree or pole … now, RELAX!

When you think of cooking a delicious meal, you don’t think of using a paper bag … well that is until now. I was so skeptical of this cooking method that I had to try it out for myself. I decided on breakfast for dinner –who doesn’t love breakfast food at dinner time?– To my surprise, I successfully cooked an entire breakfast themed meal all in a paper bag! WOW, now that’s impressive! AND it was delicious! No Mess, No Mistakes, No Skill Required…I’ll take it! I apologize for the lack of a picture … next time I create a meal in a bag, I’ll be sure to capture it to share :)

Enjoy the weekend and try to spend some time outside … maybe you’ll actually enjoy it! ;)

xox, frillyfab

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