Mommy’s Home!

5 Jun

My mom went on vacation for the week so my sister and I wanted to surprise her with a little welcome home gift. With the all of the sun we’ve been getting I had the perfect idea on what to surprise her with. If you know my mom, then you know she loves nothing more than gardening –okay, maybe she likes chocolate & Nick at Night a tad more, but gardening definitely places second on her favorites list-.

Although she’s only been gone a week, our gardens went weed wild and definietly needed a little make over. To suprise my mom when she comes home, I manicured the entire front yard –if you only knew how many flower beds we have, you’d be impressed too!– Weeding is certainly closer to the end of the list of things I enjoy doing, but I knew she’d be ecstatic when she got home.

Along with our beautiful gardens, my mom fills our deck with flowers to create a tropical getaway feel. To spruce up the deck, L and I painted brightly colored terracotta pots and added them to the flower collections on the deck. We had so much fun painting out pots and we know Mom will love them!

Why not do something special for you mom this weekend? You don’t to the extreme of picking weeds –yes, that is an extreme– but perhaps you can make her breakfast or dinner?

Hope you enjoyed your vacation, Mom. Welcome back!

xo, frillyfabulous


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