Romper Romper Romper!

6 Jun

My job calls for business attire 5 days a week, so after 40+ hours a week wearing heels & pencil skirts, the last thing I want to do is plan an outfit to wear for my weekend errands … which is why rompers are clutch.

Rompers are a loose fitting, one piece garment. Most popularly, rompers consist of shorts and a loose fitting top, but can also include jumpers and bathing suits. Rompers made their way from Europe to the United States in the early 1900’s. Originally, rompers were only a garment that children would wear, but now are extremely popular in women’s fashion.

The convenience of only having to throw on one article of clothing –and it’s comfortable?! yes, please!– to look fabulous makes rompers a winner in my book! And they come in bold & floral patterns .. double win!

1- $32, Delia’s
2-$18, Tilly’s
3-$28, Delia’s
4-$119, Alice and Olivia
5-$32, Delia’s
6- $22, Tilly’s
7- $60, Edit New York
8-$25, Tilly’s

If you don’t already have a romper, you’ll want one this summer –trust me– .. for the convenience, cuteness, and affordability!

xoxo, frillyfabulous


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