mmm … rock candy!

9 Jun

I’ve always had a weakness for jewelry, especially diamonds, but all girls do, right? Right?! Please don’t let me be the only one! One of the girls at work just got back from the jewelry show in Vegas that we put on and I wish she didn’t. Well … I wish she did, she’s an absolute doll & incredibly awesome, but she came back dripping of breath taking jewelry that I now want need.

I’ve been dreaming of chocolate diamonds all day now thanks to her…I’m not complaining, but how’s a girl supposed to work when she has diamonds on the brain!?

My favorite (love love love!) items she came back were her stackable rings. Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably gorgeous they are. I’ve been eyeing stackable rings for awhile now, but haven’t been able to justify buying them for myself. Don’t you think a diamond thats given to you sparkles more?! Luckily my birthday is in a month and 28 days … not that I’m counting and I’m hoping my family is reading this and taking notes on what to get me ;).

Stackable rings are super dainty and delicate that they can be paired with nearly anything and look fabulous. And the best part is that jewelry is timeless … they will never go out of style and you’ll get so much usage out of it!

As soon as I get a picture of hers, I’ll definitely share it! Hers are custom made, and trust me, you’ll die happy after you see these rings. I’m not even exaggerating, well maybe a little, but seriously .. they’re STUNNING! They are all very skinny bands with intricate detail and filled with all different types of diamonds. Oh my!

Do you have any stackable rings? If so, I’d love for you to share!

xx, frillyfab


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