Favorites Friday*

10 Jun

Can we talk about the weather for a second!? Oh my, it’s about a bazillion degrees outside. Although this weather makes me incredibly lazy, I had to buckle down and get some work done. I’ve been crazy busy at work with projects (which I am SO excited about!) so I’m glad it’s finally the weekend and I can relax a little :) Yay Friday! After a crazy week at work, here are some things that inspired me and kept me motivated throughout the week:

Favorite Home Fragrance: I’m huge on candles and burn them all the time. This week I burned Caribbean Escape from Bath & Body Works … it smells so nice! Reminds me of being in St. Marteen … definitely relaxing!

Favorite Drink: Let’s face it, I’m a coffee snob. I drink coffee all day long … through a straw of course … it’s what keeps me going :)

Favorite Scent: I really, really love perfume. I’m going to be that old lady that you can smell a mile away because she showers in perfume … I probably shouldn’t admit that … but it’s true, I’m addicted. This scent is so summery smelling that it reminded me of summer vacation and kept me mellow throughout the week.

Favorite Photo: I made this my background at work for the week. It truly helped me stay relaxed and reminded me to breath :)

Favorite View: Can you imagine waking up to this every morning!? I’ll take it! Reminder to self: buy a house with an incredible view.

What kept you motivated this week?

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!

xo, frillyfabulous

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