That’s Amoure!

11 Jun

With it being wicked hot outside, the last thing I want to do is heat up my house even more by using the oven. I refuse! If it were up to me, I could eat grilled chicken & salad everyday and be one happy girl … boyfriend on the other hand, would rather starve then eat another piece of chicken. He comes over for dinner every night and with us not being big on red meat, he’s not a satisfied boy. Where was I going with this? Ahh right, the uprising temperature! During the summer, the grill is my savor. Everything tastes better on the grill … even pizza. That’s right, grilled pizza! Yum! Boyfriend asks to eat pizza almost every night and since I refuse to turn my oven on, it’s a win win.

I know, I know I’m not much of a cook, but grilled pizza is so easy to make, I knew it was something I could handle. Seriously, if I’m able -and maybe even enjoy it a litte … don’t tell anyone!– to make this anyone can … and once you do, you’ll be hooked.

With many summer nights ahead, I thought I’d pass along this simple, yet DELICIOUS, recipe.


-store bought pizza dough (or homemade … however, I’m not that talented)
-pizza sauce
-cheese of your cheese (I used mozzarella and cheddar jack)
– pizza toppings of your choice (I did a grilled veggie pizza — be sure to grill your vegetables before putting them on your pizza-)

-Slap out your dough (boyfriends/husbands are good for this!)
-Take your slapped out dough and place on clean grill and brush with oil (medium heat)
-Let dough cook approx. 5 mins, once golden brown, flip dough
-Spread sauce on dough and add cheese and toppings
-Close lid and let cheese melt for 3-4 minutes

The pizza turns out with the perfect balance between crispy & chewy. Devine! Give it a try and let me know what you think! I’m a pretty picky eater and usually only eat cheese pizza, but this pizza was so yummy! Experiment with different toppings, that’s half the fun. Maybe even try a dessert pizza with nutella & strawberries?

xo, frillyfabulous


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