For the Man of the House!

18 Jun

*image from Catch My Party

As I’ve mentioned before, my family is very important to me, so I love when holidays come around, for it always entails a lot of time spent with loved ones. Father’s Day usually consists of some sort of outdoor activity and always ends with a BBQ. If your dad is anything like mine, then he loves to grill. My dad loves nothing more than getting new grilling equipment … which makes it easy when searching for Father’s Day gifts.

*image from A Profitable Life

My dad doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth but thankfully my grandpa has a bigger sweet tooth than anyone I know. Although he’s not supposed to have a lot of sweets due to his health conditions, I usually break the strict diet my grandma has him on, and bake him something he’ll love. A little indulgence won’t hurt, it is Father’s Day after all, isn’t it? For dessert, I plan on making these s’mores brownies.
I’ll let you know how they turn out :)

I came across wonderful Father’s Day decor and knew I couldn’t keep these ideas a secret. I had to share my favorites!

Over at Catch My Party, you can find decor for every holiday. Father’s Day being no exception! If you’re dad is a golfer then you need to do these great golf decoration ideas for him this Father’s Day!

*Golf Themed Father's Day Decor from Catch My Party

Haniela from Haniela’s Food & Photography teaches us how to create these adorable cupcake toppers! What’s great about them, is you can make them for multiple holidays, not just Dad’s day!

Bird’s Party is my favorite site lately. If you haven’t been to her site, you must! But don’t go until you finish reading, otherwise I won’t get you back … her creations are that amazing!

*Cupcake Toppers & Gift Tags from Bird's Party

Although creating these crafts are fun and present shopping is always a blast, don’t forget what Father’s Day is really about: showing dad you love and care about him. Nothing beats the gift of gratitude!

Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day weekend!



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