Timeless Fashion

21 Jun

I’ve never been one to wear a watch … actually, I’ve always thought watches were silly and took up space on your wrist that could instead be filled with bracelets. I’m not sure what got into me, –I’m going to blame the heat ;)– but for the past few months, I’ve really been into watches. The days of using a watch to just tell time are long gone. These days, watches also serve as an extension of your outfit. With the different styles & colors they come in, the opportunities to look classy & stylish are endless.

1) $250 – Michael Kors
2) 200 – Nixon
3) $130 – Michael Kors
4) $200 – Michael Kors
5) $250 – Michael Kors

My favorite style watches lately are rose gold and white ceramic watches. Rose gold has always been a favorite of mine. Is there anything more beguiling than a flash of gold? Mesmerizing in its subtle glow, rose gold adds a mesmerizing gleam to any look!

1) $400 – Marc Jacobs
2) $425 – Michael Kors
3) $600 – Chanel
4) $350 – Michael Kors
5) $250 – Fossil

And nothing dangles on the wrist quite like a white watch. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit. Sporty yet sophisticated, they look remarkable when paired with nearly anything. The best part about this type of watch is that they look expensive at the first glace but the truth is that they are in fact quite affordable.

xo, frillyfabulous

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    […] In my book, owning a great watch is essential in life. Watches are timeless and classic, and in my Timeless Fashion post, I talk about my favorite watches at the moment and how watches help complete an outfit. […]

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