Bring the Good Life To Your Life

22 Jun

There’s nothing else that welcomes summer’s arrival than a Vineyard Vines Catalog. While growing up I spent nearly every summer at the Vineyard … that’s probably why the preppy style has had such an impact on my fashion sense. What’s there not to love about seersuckers, pastels, and lobster shorts?! … I couldn’t think of a reason either. Not only are their clothing and accessories lovely, their philosophy isn’t too shabby either. Each one of their slogans are nothing short of inspiring. “Every day should feel this good”, “Live the good life”, and “We didn’t know that having this much fun was possible.” That sounds like us here at frillyfabulous!

I thumbed through the newest catalog and picked my 5 favorite items. Trust me, only picking 5 items was a struggle ….

Hat – $20
Belt – $29.99
Flip Flops – $35
Tote – $145
Dress – $135

Dear Vineyard Vines, you stole my heart. Please give it back. Yours truly, frillyfabulous

If you’re craving for more, just head on over to their site. Be prepared to fall in love.

xo, frillyfab


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