Make It Personalized!

26 Jun

MONOGRAM (noun) : a sign of identity usually formed of the combined initials of a name.

It’s no secret, I LOVE MONOGRAMS! I’m not quite sure what caused this obsession, but if it can be monogrammed, then I’ll take it … actually, I’ll take two, I don’t like odd numbers. My bed room and office are filled with different monogrammed items. From wall decor and bed sheets to plastic tumblers and mouse pads.

Monograms have been around since the Greeks & Romans. Monograms came about as a way for the Greeks & Romans to identify rulers on their coins. During the Victorian Period, high-class individuals used monograms as a way to symbolize their place in society. Also, many times royals and members of the royal would monogram documents rather than signing their signature due to illiteracy. Yep, Charlemagne monogrammed his documents and proclamations! Don’t say I’ve never taught you anything. And remember Laverne from the classic television show, Laverne and Shirely, who proudly displayed her single-letter monogram on her shirts and sweaters? I envy her. I’ve put a monogrammed sweater on my Christmas list for years now and Santa just hasn’t come through …note to self: perhaps you should take that as a sign..

When searching for fun craft projects, I found this monogrammed wall decor tutorial and HAD to share with you all. Monogram pieces add personality to any space, especially with this buttoned monogram. Aside from this being a fun craft for your room or office, this would make a lovely wedding or baby show gift. For a full tutorial, visit .

Monogrammed items make perfect gifts for an occasion. There is nothing that makes such a personal statement as a monogram.

I’m still trying to convince my parents that a monogrammed “L” created of pretty petunias in our lawn is necessary. Too much??

xox, frillyfabulous


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