Get Wet With Sperrys!

27 Jun

The boat shoe was created in the 1920s and since then these skid proof shoes have became favored by boaters. Boaters are not the only ones who can be seen wearing these stylish, yet functional shoes. Nowadays, the boat shoe continues to be loved by more youthful generations and non-boaters.

I am no exception. My love for a great boat shoe is undying. I find myself integrating these shoes with many different outfits; jeans, capris, dresses, shorts, etc. They’re perfect for all seasons, but I mostly wear them for rainy days or a quick slip-on shoe to run errands. If you are the casual outfit type, then you might want to invest in a pair Sperrys. Sperry boat shoes offer a choice of styles that are like no other, just what a woman needs, a lot to choose from! Sperry Top-siders are known throughout the world for their original style, comfort and durability. Style & comfort & quality .. how can you not have a pair!?

With summer being filled with beach days, boating outings, and the occasional summer storm, Sperry’s are the perfect footwear to have in your closet! The styles I’ve picked out above are just a few of the choices Sperry proposes this season. How fabulous!

Do you have a preferred shoe that’s great for all seasons?

xox, frillyfabulous


One Response to “Get Wet With Sperrys!”

  1. haydenblakes October 15, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    You managed to hit the nail on the head and spelled out everything with out problem. happen a levels collections of nature of provide the limited in prices and good approach from the style of design.

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