Hooray for red, white, and blue!

29 Jun

Hooray for red, white, and blue! If you aren’t digging the nautical look this weekend, then you’re in luck because I have four simple solutions to look fire-crackin’ good this holiday weekend.

Venture away from the flag’s color scheme and add an extra color (or two!). You’ll still look patriotic, but with a modern twist. Chose colors that are complimentary to red, white, and blue … purple, yellow, and even turquoise are a perfect place to start. Have I mentioned that turquoise looks brilliant when matched with denim, white, and red?

When looking to achieve a patriotic look, try classic fabrics such as seersucker, denim, linen, or eyelet. You’re bound to look classic, yet festive!

Instead of trying to match Old Glory’s colors exactly, dress in variations of the color scheme. For example, try substituting the flag’s royal blue hues for navy, Carolina blue, or electric blue. Instead of the standard red, try a raspberry, sangria, or orangey-red. Whites can easily be replaced with light gray, nude, or ivory. The key to a chic Americana look, and not to look like you just walked in a parade, is to isolate just one color from the flag and combine with different hues and variations of color.

With these simple techniques, you will look nothing short of dazzling!

xox, frillyfabulous


2 Responses to “Hooray for red, white, and blue!”

  1. Valentina @ TheBakingFairy June 29, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    Oh my goodness, all of these outfits are super cute. I especially love all the sandals! I know that personally, when it’s summer, I live in strappy sandals. :) And the “not so traditional” outfit on the right is totally up my alley! I would so wear that. Great job!

    • frillyfabulous June 29, 2011 at 11:43 am #

      Thanks so much! You’re too sweet! :) … I agree with the strappy sandals, love love love! I even changed my outfit the other day to go to work, just because I wanted to wear a particular pair of shoes! hehe! Thanks for reading :) !

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