FrillyFabulous Favorites*

1 Jul

Happy Friday! How excited are you for the long weekend?! I know I am! I was lucky enough to have today off, yay! As usual, I’ve been a bit nutty this week getting prepared for the holiday weekend! I’ve tested some stellar recipes and some not so stellar (iced tea lemonade frosting = major flop!), stocked up on all things stars & stripes, played dress up with my pup (Hope), and even got in some pool time.

*Image from The Family Kitchen

Favorite Cupcake: Do these cupcakes not scream patriotic?! The best part? She used a cream cheese lime frosting to cover these little guys … holy fantastic!

*image from Pizzazzerie

Favorite Freebie: I have a teensie weensie blog crush on Courtney over at Pizzazzerie. Everything she creates is just absolutely dazzling and I cannot get enough! For 4th of July, she was sweet enough to share some free printables to add that extra bit of festiveness to your tablescape. Don’t forget to mouse on over to her site to see even more 4th of July ideas!

*image from Lori at Craftzine

Favorite Goody: When creating holiday treats, sometimes the simple things are best! Seriously, how cute is this!? I cannot stop thinking about this adorable jazzed up ring pop! It’s so simple, but certainly eye catching!

*image from The White Library

Favorite tablescape: It’s official, I’m in love. Sorry boyfriend, but this rustic-themed tablescape just stole my heart. Maybe if I click my heels three times and wish really hard this tablescape will appear on my deck this weekend?

Favorite Dog Outfit: Hi, Pretty Girl! If you didn’t think I was a nutter about holidays prior to today, I’m sure I’ve made it clear with the photos above. Trust me, she loves a festive outfit just like the rest of us girls ;)

See you tomorrow morning for some fabulous 4th of July inspired cocktails!

xox, frillyfabulous


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