Bringing Back Bath Time

5 Jul

I wanted to get one last ounce of relaxation in before the weekly chaos began. Being a huge bath junkie, I knew a long bath with soothing bath fizzies would be the perfect ending to an already perfect weekend. Bath fizzies are basically a giant alka seltzer for the bath … but that smell of soothing oils and contain skin softeners. A weekend activity ending in a DIY scented bath? Don’t mind if I do!

When looking for a bath fizzy “recipe”, I turned to my beloved Martha. As expected, Martha had just what I was looking for. She never lets me down!

Tools and Materials
1/2 cup citric acid
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup organic cane sugar
About 6 drops food coloring
10 to 15 drops essential oil(s)
Special equipment: 2-ounce travel-size spray bottle, plastic pipette, silicone ice-cube tray, storage jars


1. Stir together citric acid, baking soda, and cornstarch in a glass measuring cup.

2. Pass mixture through a fine sieve or a flour sifter into a mixing bowl. Stir in sugar.

3. Fill spray bottle with water, and add food coloring. Spritz mixture lightly (it should become damp but not fizzy) until you can pack mixture with your hands.

4. Using pipette, add oil, 1 drop at a time, until strength of scent is to your liking. Using a metal spoon or your hands, mix ingredients until color is even throughout (mixture will begin to dry out; when this happens, spritz until packable again).

5. Spoon into ice-cube tray, pressing firmly. Let dry at room temperature overnight. Pop out of tray gently. Transfer to jars.

Who knew all it took to make delicately scented tablets was a little mixing, some gradual spritzing, and a few minutes of molding? Not only do they make your bath time incredibly relaxing, but they make wonderful gifts for the ladies in your life.

*image from Dirty Laundry

Get creative with the packaging. Martha’s glass jar packing is effortless, but still delightful (we all know I love creative uses for mason jars. Over at Dirty Laundry, Jeanee created an Easter themed packaging idea … an idea that can easily be translated for different holiday themes.

*image from Kaleidoscope Kitschen

Kaleidoscope Kitschen packaged her bath fizzies in cutely decorated cardboard carrying cases.

*image from Craftster

And my favorite idea for these fragrant little delights? Crafter’s heavenly cupcake fizzies!!! Don’t you just want to eat them!?

Why not create these fizzies and relax tonight? You deserve it!

xox, frillyfabulous


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