FrillyFabulous Favorites*

8 Jul

Happy Friday! I love 4 day work weeks … they definitely FLY by! Hope everyone had a great week … and hope you have an even better weekend! As usually here are some of my favorite for the week:

Favorite Cupcake: Yep, that’s right … Britain & cupcakes… in one! I can die happy now.

Favorite Inspiration: How precious is this? I think I want it framed for my office or room at home!

Favorite Outfit:I really cannot get enough of neutrals lately. This dress is elegant, yet edgy with the sash … LOVE!

Favorite Fruit: I’ve been eating a ton of kiwis lately. I love that they’re sour AND sweet… you know, kinda like a sour patch kid, “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet” kinda thing. I was drawn to the picture in particular because it reminds me of my sister and my “symbol”. I have a huge soft spot with anything with hearts, she’s the same way with stars … We always sign things (and both even have a tattoo of it!) with a star inside of a heart symbol.

Favorite Accessory: Blue & teal jewels? Yes please!

Favorite Furry Friend: I’m lucky enough to wake up to this smiling little face every morning!

Tune in tomorrow morning for something spectacular!

xox, frillyfabulous


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