Ridiculously Tasty Chippers

9 Jul

I planned on sharing a delicious weekend breakfast recipe with you all today, but things don’t always go as planned. I so wish they did though! I worked much later than I expected last night and by the time I came home, the only thing that was on my mind was my comfy bed, which left no time for baking my special Saturday treat to share with you all.

I knew I couldn’t leave you without a tasty weekend recipe and while mousing through photos I’ve taken recently, I found pictures of my chocolate chipper ice cream sandwiches! Now, I’ve been holding off on sharing this recipe with you, because as you can see, the photos I took are not the most appealing. Actually, they’re down right horrific … but that’s what adds charm, right?! Yeah, lets go with that! Well whether they look appetizing in the photos or not, they are ridiculously tasty (really, really, ridiculously tasty).

When I was growing up when you asked for an ice cream sandwich from the ice cream truck man, you were presented with a layer of vanilla ice cream sandwiches between two chocolate “cookies”. Can you even call those things cookies? In my kid brain any chocolate was better then no chocolate, so if you handed me one, I’d unquestionably eat it, but they were far from my favorite. I remember tasting a Toll House cookie sandwich and since then have never looked at a “traditional” ice cream sandwich again. My weakness for chocolate chip cookies is probably what got me hooked. Ever since then I’ve been recreating this little gem at home for a quick summer time dessert.

If you haven’t noticed, I like recipes that are flexible. Recipes that you can customize with your favorite ingredients and always have a mouth-watering treat … that is why I love cookie sandwiches! The combinations are endless! This time around, I sandwiched mud pie ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

Easy to make, this chilled delight is perfect for enjoying summer fun in the sun. All it takes is a batch of freshly baked cookies (you can even buy them already made, I won’t judge) and your favorite ice cream!

Check back in the morning for a recipe you’ll have to have! (I promise to have appealing pictures this time!)

xox, frillyfab


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