Celebrity Buzz*

11 Jul

If you guys follow me on twitter or on facebook (if not, you should!) then you’ve probably already witnessed my obbsession with NBC’s The Voice. For those of you who didn’t watch The Voice this season, the Voice was a singing competition that started off by using blind auditions. If the contestant was chosen they would pick a singing coach who would help and mentor them throughout the show. The contestants would then “battle” against each other to see who would become The Voice of America. Simply put, if you weren’t watching it on Tuesday nights, you were missing out.

Now, I don’t usually follow these types of shows, but as soon as I heard Javier’s voice, I was in absolute awe. His voice his beyond incredible and he’s exceptionally talented. With a voice like Javier’s it’s obvious that he won The Voice and is now The Voice of America. Now, there’s a reason for me gushing over Javier today … you see, Javier is from a little town in Connecticut. The same town I happen to be from (yay, we’re on the map now!). Yup, if you thought I was obsessed before, my obsession is on a whole new level now.

This weekend Javier was being dedicated at our local high school for his achievements … so naturally I attended. Javier was honored with the key to the city and also awarded a day of celebration of his name for the whole state of Connecticut and for the town of Stratford. So my fellow Connecticuters, mark your calendars, July 10th is Javier Colon Day! Woohoo!

It was a great experience watching him sing live, listening to all the kind words that his fellow classmates had to say about him, and having the opportunity to meet him. Ladies, he’s just as sweet and adorable in person!

Javier was honored with all kinds of awards and even his own, and as they were very much deserved, don’t forget to thank our local heroes. These people may not get a day dedicated to them, but doesn’t mean they don’t do things just as spectacular (if not, greater) than celebrities.

Congratulations, Javier!

xo, frillyfab

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