FrillyFabulous Fridays*

15 Jul

TGIF! Oh my, thank goodness for Friday! This week has been incredibly long (but productive!) so I’m so glad I can take the next two to just relax and get some much needed sleep. The only thing that could make it better is if Full House was on TV … I miss the old TGIF!

Here are some of my favorite things this week:

Favorite Candy: Do you remember fun dip!? It’s my absolute favorite!

Favorite Quote: I think this quote is so beautiful … I couldn’t have said it better, Marilyn! It definitely kept my spirits high this week.

Favorite Accessory: Don’t these earrings just scream fab?! Okay maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars this week, but these earrings are totally Aria.

Favorite Summer Item: All I plan on doing this weekend is relaxing on the beach and enjoying a good book. These shades reminded me of how relaxing I plan on my weekend being. Can’t wait!

Favorite Outfit: I love love love this outfit! Between the bold color & floral print, I was instantly in love.

Favorite Dessert: How adorable! These shirley temple cupcakes bring me back to when I was a kid … Can’t wait to make them!



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