Stamped With Love

17 Jul

I know, I know I promised festive Harry Potter cupcakes today (tomorrow, promise!), but I’ve been browsing through Etsy (ugh it’s an addiction!) and I had to share my latest craving.

Now, my love for Etsy is everlasting. I’ve been hooked to the site for a few years, and am impressed daily with the caliber of sellers. Etsy allows us craft inclined people to share and sell our creations. If you aren’t into selling on Etsy, it’s the perfect place to support fellow crafters and to find some really unique items. They have everything from clothing, jewelry, wedding items, wall decor, and the list continues. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful hand stamped necklace with both of my pups names (my babies!) on it for Christmas. It’s one of my favorite gifts, it’s beautiful & so meaningful to me! Since then, I’ve been addicted to stamped metal pieces. These pieces are rustic, yet dazzling, and make wonderful gifts for loved ones.

*image from The Image Dive (Etsy)

I love this bracelet. With the touch of copper, it can easily be transformed into a “manly” bracelet, but fab enough to be given to a female.

*image from Risky Beads (Etsy)

Why not celebrate your love for the surf & sand with this cute key charm? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

*image from BragAboutIt (Etsy)

So precious!

*image from Madison Craft Studio (Etsy)

Perfect gift idea for you mom or grandma!

*image from Very Vintage (Etsy)
You can’t forget the furbabies! I haven’t order one yet for my Hope, but she will getting one shortly! Too cute!

Well, I’m off to a birthday party today. What are your Sunday plans? Tune in tomorrow for cupcakes & fun! Enjoy your Sunday!

xo, frillyfabulous


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