I’m Fascinated!

26 Jul

Is it just me or are you guys still infatuated with Kate Middleton? No? It’s just me? Okay, so maybe I love the Duchess of Cambridge a little more than the average girl, but with her classic style, warm personality, and trendy fascinators, how can a girl resist?

Every time the Duchess of Cambridge steps out into public she dazzles paparazzi and onlookers alike with her London chic garb. It’s as if she was born to be a princess … or maybe it’s just her abundance of fancy hats. Which brings me to London’s iconic fascinator, those sometimes adorable, sometimes bizarre “mini-hats” that are often attached to a head band adored with feathers, beading and other embellishments. America is quickly jumping on the fascinator trend train (& so am I!) and to ensure you look nothing less than regal while following this trend I’ve come up with a few style tips.

1. Keep it in proportion. We all have different size and shaped heads. Keep your fasinator proportional to yours.

2. Keep it simple. You wouldn’t want that dazzling head piece to go unnoticed would you? Keeping hair styles simple and classic will ensure the focus is on your fascinator. A classic chignon, slicked back low bun, or simple pony tail are all work well with fascinators

3.Keep it chic. It’s common for those who are new to the trend to take it overboard (Princess Eugenie must have missed the memo). Start off simple & classic (think Victoria Beckham). If you’re going to go big, atleast wear it with Lady Gaga’s fierceness.

Take a walk on the other side of the pond with a gorgeous fascinator this summer. You’ll be called Princess in no time.

xo, frillyfabulous


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