Breakfast Cookies*

30 Jul

*image via Christina Marsigliese

I’m really into breakfast. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal for the rest of my life and be completely happy. You would think with how much I love breakfast, that I would make pancakes & scones type things more often, but the truth is, I’ve eaten the same breakfast since I was about 5. (You can tell that I love change!) Every morning I eat some variation of oatmeal. Whether it’s you’re typical “hot” oatmeal or if it’s cookie dough cereal (If you haven’t had this, seriously you need it. It’s divine! And Kris over at YMC is just as lovely!) You can’t go wrong, it’s chock full of nutrients and is super filling.

*image via Christina Marsigliese

I’ve had the strongest craving for some kind of delicious breakfast food all day. Not quite sure what food I was craving, I decided not to pay attention to my craving and carry on with my day. Then I saw this recipe. It went down hill from there. I couldn’t suppress my craving any longer, I needed to eat this. Seriously? Cookies for breakfast?!? How come this wasn’t brought to my attention (and breakfast table) sooner!? This has to be someones fault. Yep, I think these beauties have made it to the top of my “must make” list. Christina Marsigliese, you’ve offically stole my heart!

Don’t forget to head over to Christina’s site to get the full recipe!

Have a lovely Saturday!

xx, frillyfabulous


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