Have a Grape Day

1 Aug

As promised, I wanted to share my weekend surprise that I had planned for G and I with you all. I’m notorious for planning weekend adventures for the two of us, keeping it a surprise for a week or so, but get so excited about the surprise that I just need to tell someone, so I end up telling my mom about it, and without fail my mom will “slip” and end up telling G. Note to self: Don’t tell mom anything.

Back to the surprise … I surprised G by bringing him to the Connecticut Wine Festival. Being the winos that we are, I knew it’d be a perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Going to festivals like that are always a fun time. You’re able to experience sample after sample of organic and natural foods (from caramel sauce to olive oil) and have the opportunity to support local businesses (and of course taste a ton of yummy wine!).

About 15 of the local vineyards were represented at the festival, all sharing their most unique and popular wines. Each wine was distinct and flavorful. I can honestly say that did not sip a wine that I did really did not enjoy. As expected, I favored some wines over others, but all of the wines were ambrosial.

We ended up buying our favorite wine of the day, an Autumn flavored wine infused with pumpkin. Oh my, it was DELUSHIOUS! During lunch, we sat in on a wine class & learned some pretty neat things about wine!

If you plan on going to a wine tasting, remember the 4 S’s:

1) Swirl
2) Smell
3) Sip
4) Savor

Please pardon my photos. I left my camera in the car, and unfortunately there was no re-entry into the festival, so I had to take photos from my phone.

xox, frillyfabulous


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