Dear Diary

2 Aug

I’ve always adored a great journal. During the summers, my sister & I would go to a book store, and while she would spend her time getting lost in a book, I always found myself awing at the immense collection of beautiful journals they had in stock.While I was online shopping working I stumbled across these fun journals that I find myself drooling over. Nothing is more inspiring than a fun, creative journal! I have to admit, although I have a sick hording problem when it comes to journals, I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote in one. I usually just use them for my notes at work, to write my “to-do” lists in, and to have around in case of “emergencies” (you never know when you’re going to jot something down!). Although I don’t use them in their traditional “let me recap my day” type way, I still utilize them and that’s all that matters, right? I like to think so.

I absolutely adore all of Archie Grand’s collection. They’re simple & brilliant! He has a journal for nearly every category! My favorites are: Royals I Met and Liked, Fashionistas I Met and Liked, and of course, Bloggers I Met and Liked.

Perfect for lists, doodles, and secrets! Also, these journals are great for spicing up a bookshelf or mantel. I think these may have made it to the birthday list ;) Am I too old to make a birthday list?

xox, frilly fab


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