Life is Beauty

3 Aug

I was super excited to share a cookie recipe with you all today. I rushed home from the gym and even cut Hope’s evening walk short to make a much needed batch of no-bake cookies. What’s a birthday week without a little baking? Well, I guess it’s not really baking since you dont bake them .. but you get my jist … anyway, I laid these beauties out wax paper to “set” but due to the heat, they never took shape. Instead, my much anticipated chocolate gems looked like cow patties (How convenient! That’s what I’ve always called no-bake cookies anyway! Real mature, I know.) I was devastated!

I debated whether or not I was going to share this recipe with you still or just secretly keep my head bowed in shame all day … But then I realized that mishaps happen to everyone (unless you’re Martha Stewart, of course!). We all have those days where everything goes wrong. Days where you spill your coffee on you just as you’re rushing out the door, days when yours fingers are butter and everything you pick up slips right out of your hands, days in which we forget to take a step back and laugh at ourselves. I took my no-bake cookie catastrophe as a sign that I was forgetting what matters most in life. Enjoying quality time with loves ones, sharing an explosive laugh with a friend, doing things your passionate about … those are things that matter, not a faulty batch of cookies. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be upset when things don’t turn out as planned … those are the things that help shape us as individuals and what give us personality!

*photo via HungryArt (Etsy)

Check back later this week for my no-bake cookie recipe! I planned on whipping up another batch, but then I remember Pretty Little Liars was on .. priority people, priorities! I promise my next batch won’t look so repulsive :)

Have you ever had a baking flop? if so, what happened?

Don’t forget to laugh at yourself today!

xox, frillyfabulous


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