Fresh Off The Press!

4 Aug

Lately, I find myself really eyeing letterpress art. Something about it’s fun, simple look that really has me craving some typography art pieces for my office. How perfect would these inspirational pieces be in my office? You’re right, I should buy them ASAP! No matter how much technology advances, one cannot help but admire the texture and beauty of this medium. I love the clean lines and simple straightforward colors! Although letter press is a dying art form, I simply cannot get enough of it. These light hearted and airy prints have completely won me over!

*photo via Apple Bottom Print (Etsy Shop)

*photo via Parada Creations (Etsy Shop)

*photo via Raw Art Letter Press (Etsy Shop)

*image via Raw Art Letter Press (Etsy Shop)

Decorating my work space with these wonderful images will keep me motivated throughout the day! Yep, I think they need to be added to my birthday list (it’s almost birthday time! yay!)

What are your thoughts on letterpress art? What saying would you use if you were to create a piece?

xo, ff


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