FrillyFabulous Favorites*

5 Aug

I love weeks that fly by! They generally do go by quickly for me, so I wasn’t surprised that this week felt extremely short. AND it’s my birthday weekend! YAY! I’m sure ya’ll know from all of my birthday tweets that I just love my birthday and have been in full blown birthday mode! I’m excited for my weekend of birthday festivities (but staying 22 forever ;)). I’m to the point where I want to bake my own cake and decorate my house myself! Not that I don’t think anyone else is capable, I just love doing it! Am I crazy for wanting to create my own party decorations and birthday cake? That’s normal, right? I thought so. In honor of my upcoming birthday, take a look at some of my favorite birthday celebration ideas:

Favorite Theme: I died when I saw this party theme idea!! A Lilly party!? This can’t be real life. Courtney over at Pizzazzerie never seems to disappoint! Her themes & ideas are always flawless!

*photo via Doodle Love (Etsy Shop)

Favorite Birthday Sign: Although I love my birthday (it’s a holiday in my book) I haven’t been too keen on the idea that I’m going to be another year older. I know, I know, I’m far from being old. But no one wants to get older! I want to be foreverrrr young … if that song isn’t stuck in your head now, I applaud you! Seeing this birthday poster brought a smile to my face and made me a little less apprehensive about turning another year older!

*photo via Heartspeak (Etsy Shop)

Favorite Birthday Card: You’ll soon realize that I have a slight infatuation with stationary. This card is precious!

Favorite Birthday Cupcake: Totally diggin’ this birthday cupcake! Purple, hearts, cupcakes … All of my favorite things wrapped up into one little piece of heaven!

Favorite Birthday Tradition: I love a good surprise! Unfortunately, I’m very un-surpriseable. I catch on to surprises all too well, I never fail when it comes to figuring out a surprise! My favorite “surprise” was when boyfriend flew to CT for my 21st. He was still living in VA at the time and was unable to make it for my 21st birthday. I was beyond bummed! Although he kept reassuring me that he wasn’t able to make it, I was convinced it was all a cover up. When my dad found out that he really wasn’t able to make it to my birthday, and knew that I was 100% convinced that he was coming, he didn’t want me to be disappointed when he didn’t arrive. To keep me from being let down on my birthday, he had G get on the next flight leaving that day from VA to CT! So sweet!

Happy Friday!

xx, frillyfabulous


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