Kitty Gato!

6 Aug

Friends, meet Alana! Although it’s my birthday week, I wanted to do something special for G. So where as most girlfriends would make a nice dinner, surprise their main squeeze with tickets to their favorite sporting event, or maybe even fold their laundry (because if they’re anything like my boyfriend, that’s the only way it’ll get done),nope not me … I went as far as getting G a cat!! Now, I know ya’ll probably think I’m some kind of crazy cat lady, but there’s a reason to my madness.

Alana is clearly photogenic...;)

We had put in an application a few weeks ago to adopt this pretty little girl, but G was still unsure about whether or not he should get her. Not because she wasn’t the most adorable and sweetest kitty he’s ever seen (clearly, she is ;)), but because he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to give her enough attention throughout the day. He really wanted a pet to to come home to on days I wasn’t there with him. A dog was his first choice, but dogs require much more time and responsibility. Alana keeps him company and entertained after a long day at work!

Welcome home, Alana! Although I’m still terrified you’re going to attack my feet as I sleep or claw me to death, you’re a pretty cool cat!

Have you ever surprised someone with something out of the ordinary?

xox, frillyfabulous

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