Birthday Fabulous!

7 Aug

*photo via TenderBeasts (Etsy Shop)

Happy Birthday to ME! Why yes I did just wish myself a Happy Birthday. I love birthdays … especially when it’s mine! Even if it means turning another year older! If you’ve been keeping up with me on twitter, you’ve probably seen that I wasn’t too fond of turning another year older. I’ve thought a lot about it this week and have really come to terms that age is just a number. I know that saying is incredibly cliche, but as long as you’re happy, healthy, and fabulous who cares how old you are?! I like to think I’m same 18 year old girl I was 5 years ago who’s biggest decision was what bathing suit to wear to the beach that day … just with a little more responsibility and knowledge. Birthdays should be glorious. Days where you reflect on the years past, the lessons you’ve learned, the friendships and bonds you’ve made along the way, and the person you’ve ultimately become. Another year older and another year wiser! Well, maybe .. maybe not! Here I sit another year older, so cheers to my 23rd birthday! It’s a time to bring friends & family together, to celebrate, to dance, to drink, to laugh until you’re stomach hurts and to have a frillyfabulous time!

Take a look at some pictures from previous birthdays. Some cute, some awkward and embarrassing … Enjoy!

1 years old: Check out those cheeks! Sweet bangs, Grandma!

2 years old: Lovely background, Parents! Don;t worry, you made up for the hideous truck background with that awesome bear cake.

4th birthday: My sister and I’s joint 4th & 6th birthday party. Clearly something much more interesting then smiling for a photo was going on to the left.

Can you tell I grew up in the 90’s?

5th birthday: Barney was my main squeeze at this age.

My face looks a little mischievous .. hmm, wonder what I was planning!

Oh presents!

6th birthday: The girls faces to my left are priceless!

7th birthday: I loved nautical inspired outfits back then too!

8th birthday: I spent my 8th birthday in Portgual and wasn’t able to dig up any photos from then. Too bad, because I wore this safari outfit that my Portuguese grandmother thought was stylish …

9th birthday: When I still cooperated when my mom wanted to take photos of me …

10-16 years old The years when I was too cool to let pictures be taken of me.

16th birthday: Don’t worry, I still wear that crown for every birthday.

18th birthday My friends all wore purple since it was/is my fav color!

19th birthday: There was a hurricane on my 19th birthday … I know, a hurricane in CT!? Who would’ve guessed! Hail and all! You’re diggin my outfit, I know!

20th birthday I was really concentrating on that birthday wish.

21st birthday

Mmm! A Metropolitan! My first legal drink!

22nd birthday: The waiter raved about how delicious this drink was … apparently, I thought so too…

Hope you enjoyed a great laugh with those photos!

xoxo, frillyfabulous


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