Make-Up Makeover Fabulous

11 Aug

*photo via Laura's Thoughts

If you’re anything like me when it comes to makeup, then you have a basket full of different makeup items, but probably only use a handful of them to save yourself the frustration of having to dig through the whole basket. When I “clean out” my makeup basket, I always rediscover makeup that I promise myself I’m going to start using, but then after a week of shuffling around in the morning, those items are out of sight, out of memory. Too bad because with the amount of money I spend on makeup, I could buy something really fabulous! When I saw this magnetic makeup board DIY project, I heard angels singing to me (actually, it was B.O.B’s “Beautiful Girls”, but you would’ve confused it with angels too) I knew this project was designed with me and my ridiculously sized makeup basket in mind. Now I’ve seen magnetic picture frames, photo boards, tools, jewelry hangers, and even a spice rack or two, but never have I seen a magnetic makeup board. What a perfect way to store all the goodies in your makeup bin so that you can easily spot them when needed! Seriously, how genious is this? You can’t even tell me that this isn’t an insanely awesome idea. Kudos to you, Laura!

*photo via HomeDecorBoutique (Etsy Shop)

I’m sure you’re all looking at this and thinking of all the possibilities. No more scavengering through your makeup basket to find the perfect eyeshadow, no more dumping your makeup bin in it’s entirity just to find the lip gloss you bought last week but has been engulfed with all of your other items, and simply enough, no more sacrificing precious cabienet space to house your oversized makeup basket. This ladies, is the answer to all of your makeup tiffs.

*photo via HomeDecorBoutique (Etsy Shop)

For a full tutorial on this fun DIY magnectic makeup board, mouse on over to Laura’s Thoughts.

The best part? It helps keep things orgainized and it uses a picture frame! Ya’ll know I’m a a neat freak and a sucker for a great picture frame project!

xox, frillyfabulous


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