Sunday Brunch*

14 Aug

*Photo via Adore by Chloe

Sunday brunch is kind of a deal around our house. I come from a really big family, and since we all live close by, every Sunday we all get together and enjoy brunch. We’re all very busy during the week, so it’s nice to take time out from our busy schedules to catch up and enjoy each others company each Sunday. Our brunches consist of our staples items (Portuguese sweet bread, cheese, fruit, etc.), but there’s always something new & different. For this Sunday brunch, I’m making this mouth-watering strawberry crumble cake (served with homemade jam of course!) Yum!

For a complete receipe of this decident brunch recipe, click on over to Adored by Chloe.

A perfect recipe for weekend guests or just your weekly family gathering.

Whether you plan to enjoy quality time with your family or spending the day relaxing and taking time to yourself, I hope you all have a marvelous Sunday!

xx, frillyfabulous


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