Fruit With a Twist*

21 Aug

With fruit being at it’s peak during this time of year, I wanted to enjoy the flavors of summer for dessert this weekend. We’ve had a variety of fruit sitting in our fridge and I couldn’t let it go to waste! I decided on fruit kabobs … not only fun to eat, but fun to say! As if the fruit wasn’t already sweet enough, I drizzled dark chocolate and added marshmallows to sass these fruity kabobs up. Leave it to me to turn a perfectly heathly treat to something not so healthy ;).

As if I didn’t get my chocolate fix in with those delicious kabobs above, I also made these to die for stuffed raspberries. It’s so simple that it’s silly, but the taste of these little beauties are to die for. Other then chocolate and peanut butter (because we all know that there’s no comparison!), raspberries and chocolate have officially made it to my top 5 favorite flavor combinations.

Simple, sweet, and suckulant … my kind of dessert! These kabobs & stuffed raspberries are perfect for your Labor Day picnic or even for a quick week night dessert option.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend thus far!

xo, ff


2 Responses to “Fruit With a Twist*”

  1. soanthro August 22, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    YUM these look dee-lish! You have such a sweet blog, following you now!

    • frillyfabulous August 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

      You just made my day! Thanks for the kind words!

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