FrillyFabulous Favorites – Back to School!

26 Aug

*image via MommyMakes

If there’s one thing I love about the end of summer it’s all of the back to school items. Growing up I loved nothing more than roaming the aisles of Staples in search of the perfect planner, folders, and notebooks. When I went to college, back to school shopping was taken to a whole new level. Although I still enjoyed shopping for the basic supplies, back to school shopping for college entailed new room decor, a new stylish wardrobe, and fun gadgets which obviously is more exciting. Now, I graduated college a year ago, meaning I no longer need to go back to school shopping … but after seeing all of the nostalgic back to school commercials, I couldn’t resist. Rather than splurging on cart full of mindless (but my favorite!) items like as mini staplers, fine point sharpies, and posters, I convinced myself it would be just as satisfying to share my favorite back to school items with you!

*$34.99 // Bed Bath and Beyond

Favorite Appliance: Where was this fantabulous toaster when I was in college!? I could have saved some major bucks on my student account if this little guy lived in my kitchen.

* $29.99 // Bed Bath and Beyond

Favorite Accessory: What better way to enjoy company & spice up your room than this vibrant floor cushions?

* $19/99 // Target

Favorite Bath Decor: I lived in an apartment my junior year of college and in a house my senior year, meaning you had more than just a room to decorate! I’m loving this spunky shower curtain!

* $129.99 // Bed Bath and Beyond

Favorite Bedding: I change my mind on bedding options more times then Lindsay Lohan winds up in court (way to keep it classy LiLo!). I’m currently swooning over this bed set. Who would want to get out a bed when you can snuggle is this all day? Maybe it’s a good thing I dont have this bed set …

$95 // Vineyard Vines

Favorite Bag: A girls gotta look stylish while lugging those ridiculously heavy books to class. With this snazzy bag, you’re bound to look dazzling! Totes cute!

If you’re headed back to school within the next few weeks, happy school year! If you’re like me and just enjoy back to school shopping, happy back to school sales! (hey, if we can’t participate in the back to school shopping, why not take up the back to school sales!?)

Happy Friday!

xo, ff


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