Hostess Cupcakes*

30 Aug

*photo via Sugar Derby

Still no power here! Ahh! The power company told us our power will be back on in about 4-7 days. What!? The only good thing about not having electricity is the days seem to drag on, which is great when you have a to-list as long as the Nile river, but I’m not sure even my ridiculously long to-list will be able to occupy me for 4+ days worth of no electricity. Atleast, I spend the majority of the time at work, which is how I’m uploading this post, so the time I spend without electricity won’t be that bad.

I’ve been itching to bake something “back to school” themed for days now. No electricity + an avivid baker aren’t really the best match. I have a 6 year old cousin who lives next door (although he probably spends more time at our house then his!) that is starting 1st grade this week, and since no kid really enjoys their summer coming to an end and going back to school, I’ve been wanting to bake him something that I know he would enjoy. If it’s chocolate, then he’s probably already asking if he can eat it. Just look at the dirty little face above, he’s too cute not to bake for!

*photo via Sugar Derby

I found these fantabulous Hostess cupcake cake balls over at Sugar Derby and knew N would be ecstatic when he came home from school and saw these. Kids love hostess cupcakes! Whats more nostalgic then a hostess cupcake?!

I wish I could take credit for these lovlies, but you can find the recipe over on Sugar Derby.

*photo via Sugar Derby

I know, I can’t wait until I have power either so I can start making my own delicious things! Thanks for understanding :)

xo, frillyfabulous

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