Fall?! Too Soon!

31 Aug

As much as I love fall fashion (boots & scarves? Don’t mind if I do!) I’m not quite ready to give up my sun dresses and shorts just yet. I love pieces that can easily be transferred from season to season. Savvy shoppers can rejoice — “So last season” is now “so this season”!

Don’t worry about retiring your summer wardrobe after Labor Day, you can look just as fab as as you did in the summer in the Fall. Pair your favorite summer floral dresses with a rockerish leather jacket for the perfect soft-hard balance.

Pairing a summer dress with a pair of pumps instantly transforms your sweet summer style (check out that alliteration!) into a fashionable fall look. Swapping those strappy sandals for a pair of close toe pumps is the way to go this Fall!

Combine a pair of your favorite shorts and tank with a cozy cardigan and a pair of flats to complete your summer to fall outfit. A perfect weekend look. You’ll certainly look flawless!

Have ya’ll are having a fabulous day!

xo, ff


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