Crush a Can

27 Sep

While I was at the state fair this weekend, I saw some pretty nifty crafts … one of them being aluminium cans that were transformed into planes. Being the creative soul that I am, I was enthralled by the idea (okay, and maybe a little jealous that I didn’t come up with it first). After browsing the a site with ridiculous holidays, I was pleased to find out today is Crush a Can Day. Crush a can say what say? Yep, a full day devoted to recycling cans! It didn’t take long until I was googling how to make my very own airplane can. Head on over to DIY Life for descriptive instructions on how to make your own plane too! In honor of Crush a Can Day, and to continue to preserve our earth, give new life to your old aluminum cans … take a stab at creating an aluminum airplane or an aluminum can pancake … or better yet, just toss your cans in the recycle bin and let the professionals do all the work.

xo, frillyfabulous


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