FrillyFabulous Favorites*

7 Oct

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous week.. As always, take a peek at a few of my weekly favorites…

(photo via Nutmeg Nanny)

Favorite Sip: Honeycrisp apple (my favorite apple!) sangria. Need I say more?

Favorite Weekend Outfit: Casual & Commfy, just how I like my weekends!

Favorite Holiday Decoration: Swooning over this idea! So cute & so festive! Definitely making these arrangements this weekend.

Favorite Quote: This is so true! Nothing looks prettier on a girl than a genuine smile. Don’t forget to smile today :)

Favorite Destination: Pure paradise! Greece is my dream vacation!

Favorite Accessory: Yes, yes I will!

Favorite Dessert: Ya’ll know I can’t go a week without pumpkin. Must make these!

What are somethings that kept you smiling this week?

xo, ff


One Response to “FrillyFabulous Favorites*”

  1. soanthro October 7, 2011 at 9:33 am #

    That apple sangria= want.

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