I Like Sassafrass Tea

17 Nov

Ya’ll I’ve been thinking it was a day later then it actually is all week. Can you tell I’m already in Thanksgiving vacation mode? Or maybe this fever really is affecting me? Nothing is worse than thinking it’s finally Friday and it’s only Thursday … major bummer! To cheer myself up, and it forget that it’s only Thursday, I’ve been on a search online for a cast iron tea pot. Um, a what?! Let me explain. Over the weekend I stopped in the tea store at the mall with my sister. I know, I live an overly exciting life. Like many people, before walking into the store, I didn’t know a thing about tea outside of of my occasional Celestial Seasonings brew. And then I sampled the tea. Oh.My.God. I was hooked. Maybe it was the girl with big canisters (of tea, people!) wafting the aromatic scents my way, or perhaps the ridiculously awesome health benefits that these teas provided, whatever it was it lured me into a $72 tea purchase (Don’t worry, I’m still trying to process how one spends that much on TEA myself), and my days of buying boxed tea from the grocery store are long gone.

Back to the teapot. You see, along with their insanely tasty tea, they also carry of cast iron teapots. That I now HAVE.TO.HAVE. My poor bank account! Seriously, how cute? Dear Santa, if you’re reading this, any of the above teapots would make a fab Christmas gift for a certain 23 year old.

But really, it’s delicious. If you haven’t tried tea from Teavana, promise me you will!

If someone can name the song from where I the title for this post, I’ll give you a dollar (and maybe let you taste some of my tea!)

xo, ff


2 Responses to “I Like Sassafrass Tea”

  1. lexi November 17, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    you can sip it in the morning, sip it in the evening, even at a quarter to threeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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