My stationary obsession is getting a little out of control…

29 Nov

I’m pretty sure the amount of stationary I bought over the weekend calls for an intervention. Seriously, no sane person buys 6+ packs of different stationary. I wish I was kidding. Among my stationary shopping frenzie? Those little beauties above that I snatched up on Cyber Monday (ya’ll know me by now, I can’t turn down a great deal…). Although they came with a great price tag, hopefully, these witty note cards are the last of my stationary craze. Fingers crossed!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Head on over to Button Landia to grab some of these quirky cards!

xo, ff


2 Responses to “My stationary obsession is getting a little out of control…”


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    […] Guys, I’m really starting to think I have a problem. So bad to the point that I may be at the early stages hoarder-ism (yes, that is now a word). Not one of those crazies that keep every item they’ve ever come in contact with, but one of those crazies that feel like it’s completely acceptable to buy every set of stationary I lay my eyes on. My addiction begins here. Yep, and here. Oh look, here too. […]

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    […] you all know, I love paper products. Like really love invitations, paper decor, and prints. Crazy pants status, I know … but that’s what makes me unique, […]

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