FrillyFabulous Favorites*

30 Dec

Is it just me, or does time always seem to speed up when you’re on vacation but crawl slower than molasses when you’re working? I cannot believe it’s already Friday and already the end of 2011. Where did the time go? While I try to figure out where the week went, take a look at some of my favorite things over the past year!

Favorite Event: I’m still gawking over the Royal Wedding … Kate Middleton, you are simply fabulous!

Favorite Furry Friend: I’m lucky enough to wake up to this smiling face every day. Love you, Hope!

Favorite Outing: I’ve traveled all over the United States and to numerous countries, but Newport, Rhode Island will always be one of my favorite destinations. The salty air, young & vibrant atmosphere, and cutesy shops always make my time there very well spent.

Favorite Dessert: As you know, I bake often. My favorite item I’ve baked this year? Those nostalgic cupcake cones above.

Favorite Quote: This quote cannot be any more perfect. My family is everything. As expected we have our tiffs at times, but they mean the world to me.

2011 has treated me very well! Enjoy the last few days of 2011 and cheers to even better 2012!

xo, ff


2 Responses to “FrillyFabulous Favorites*”

  1. kilsch42 December 30, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    I agree with you- Where in the world did 2011 go! These past two weeks for em just blew by! Happy New Year to you too, Miss FF!

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