FrillyFabulous Fridays*

13 Jan

Happy Friday (the 13th! eek!) !! I’m so glad that only 8 hours of work (please please please only let it be 8!) stand between me and a three day weekend! Can’t wait!Is it sad that that’s what kept me motivating through out the week? … that I had a day off NEXT week? Whatever works, I guess. Take a peek at some of my favorites this week:

Favorite Accessory: I saw this necklace and instantly fell in love. It’s so delicate & adorable!

Favorite Outfit: Can we talk about how perfect this outfit is right now? I feel like running to the mall right now and buying that dress!

Favorite Dessert: Is this real life? Homemade samoas? I think I can die happy. These bad boys are definitely happening this weekend.

Favorite Craft: I’ve been so busy these past few months, that I’ve kind of put my crafting on the back burner. That changes this weekend. Especially after seeing that great room scrapbook above. Note to self: A scrapbook room needs to be in the works ASAP!

Favorite Quote: I cannot tell you how true this quote is. Whether it’s making cupcakes, buying someone their favorite drink, or just sending out a cute “just because” card, I guarantee it’ll make someones day.

Anyone have anything spooky happen to the yet today? What’s on your agenda this weekend?



One Response to “FrillyFabulous Fridays*”

  1. Alissa W. January 13, 2012 at 8:51 am #

    Samoas are my favorite!

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