For the Love of Crafting*

28 Jun

Crafting makes the heart happy. Well, my heart at least. During the good ‘ole college days (thanks to my lovely AXOs) I spent countless hours crafting. It’s soothing, relaxing, and a challenge. All things I need to stay sane. Unfortunately, since graduating I haven’t been able to craft as often as I’d like. Major thumbs down!

Now what do I do to stay out of the mental house? Insert joke here. I now spend hours on CraftGawker getting my “crafting fix” gazing at amazingly executed crafts and living vicariously through the crafters that created them. Not quite the same, but pretty darn close. Why I’m just hearing about this just recently? I’m not sure, but it was probably for the best worst. I’m absolutely hooked. 100% addicted. Any chance I get, you’ll find me browsing the site and getting inspired for new crafts. Holy craft porn.

Chock full of ideas, advice, and inspiration CraftGawker is definitely your go-to when it comes to all things crafting.

Have you guys been to the site? If not, mouse on over. You’ll thank me. What are some of your favorite things to craft?



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