Charm City Crush*

17 Jul

Hello, my lovlies! So sorry for the lack of posts lately! Last week was pretty chaotic and then I fled to Maryland for a quick (and much needed!) 2 day getaway. It was a relaxing weekend and exactly what I needed before I head back into the grind of things for another busy week. Help?! Baltimore definitely lives up to it’s nickname “Charm City”. There’s so many unique and quirky shops that my inner hipster was at ease there.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a little more time to breathe this week and will get back to my posting routine!

Errr, yeah … that happened.

Until next time,


One Response to “Charm City Crush*”

  1. Hannie July 17, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    I want to go to Baltimore and have my photo taken outside Charm City Cakes – they don’t do tours so it’s not like I can go for a wander round the bakery lol. If my Bestie Jess came with me then we’d probably sing Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray lots!

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