Sunday Memento*

5 Aug

Happy Sunday! I just spent a few hours at the office but cannot wait to take the rest of the afternoon to relax and absorb some “me” time. It’s so easy to let life pass you by. If you’re like me, I’m constantly saying “How is it already 5PM?“, “Can you believe summer is almost already behind us?“, “Maybe if I stay late and come in early, I’ll be able to catch up!” etc.

I, too, am guilty of letting never-ending to-do lists, approaching deadlines, and anxiety of the upcoming week get the best of me (hence me spending my Sunday morning in the office).

Today, put all of those things aside and truly enjoy your day. Take time to yourself, catch up with friends and family, read that book you haven’t had the chance to get around to, enjoy things that make you happy, whatever it is … enjoy the day. You deserve it!

Happy Relaxing!

xo, frillyfabulous
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