FrillyFabulous Favorites*

7 Sep

Hey ya’ll! happy Friday! I’m all about short work weeks, woohoo! … Not as excited as going back to full day Fridays though. It’s been real, Summer Fridays! As always, take a peek at what I’m loving this week.

Favorite Quote: So true!

Favorite DIY project: If there’s two things that I love, it’s wine and candles. This little craft project is bound to happen over the weekend.

Favorite Laugh: Oh you know, just me and the boys hanging out in the pool.

Favorite Fall Transition Outfit: I’m sure you all know by know that I’m a huge Fall fan. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. I stumbled across this outfit and think it’s the perfect way to incorporate your touches of Fall with your summer wardrobe (I’m going to need those pink pants ASAP).

Favorite Decor: I’m absolutely loving this color combo.

Happy Friday!

xoxo, frillyfabulous
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